Sapphire: September’s Versatile Birthstone

Sapphire is September's birthstone, and oh is she a beauty.

This stunning precious stone is one of the most versatile birthstones and comes in many different shades, from the popular blue gemstones to the lesser-known white, pink grey, chocolate, yellow and even green.

As a jewelry designer, I haven’t met a version of the stone I didn’t like. Each distinct color gives me so many options and so much inspiration to draw from.


This transparent precious stone is made from a variety of mineral corundum. The wide variation in color comes from the elements found within the stone, such as iron, titanium, chromium, and magnesium. Some–known as star sapphires–exhibit a natural glistening star-like pattern. Mother Nature is incredible, isn’t she?


I can remember the day that Princess Diana made blue sapphire gemstones so famous, with her exquisite deep blue sapphire engagement ring. Since then, this precious stone has grown in popularity as the focal point of an engagement ring–a beautiful alternative to a traditional diamond solitaire.

Sapphires are believed to be good for attracting abundance, blessings, and gifts and are worn to protect against negative energies, calm the mind, and strengthen intuition and spiritual clarity. Sapphire engagement rings make for the perfect stone as it symbolizes faithfulness and sincerity. Sapphire jewelry makes for a thoughtful heartfelt gift to any loved one.


Regardless of your favorite color, sapphire is a beautiful and steadfast gemstone that goes beautifully with silver or gold–and it’s why my private gemstone stash is full of them.

Whether you're shopping for a September birthday gift or just a dear loved one, the variety of colors in this collection of handmade sapphire jewelry will be sure to make an impression. Shop sapphire earrings, necklaces, and more.

See my one-of-a-kind hand-crafted sapphire jewelry and tell me which one is your favorite.

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