Mixed Up

Mixed Metal Styles in sterling silver and yellow bronze. 

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Gemstones have special meaning: choose your energy


The magic of moonstone

Rainbow moonstone is the stone of the mother moon, deep healing waters and sacred feminine energies. It's radiant white color makes it easy to wear in any season.

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Power with Labradorite

A stone of transformation, labradorite is a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance. Check out our beautiful collection of labradorite and grey moonstone pieces.

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Turquoise protection

We love turquoise for its earthy style and springtime hue. See what designs we've created featuring this stone believed to provide personal protection to its wearer.

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Raw Diamonds are your new best friend.

Back in black

Diamonds you can wear everyday

Take the Road Less Traveled

Journey to the Wanderlust Collection

Our Story

Be true to who you are and your life will unfold miraculously in front of you.

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From the hand-forged silver pendants to the contemporary designs crafted by our own hands, we know that the little details do make a difference. Original Hardware chooses only high-quality materials and semi-precious gemstones and we prefer handcrafted components made by skilled artisans from around the world. We use ethically sourced materials and 100% recycled sterling silver.