Finding the Right October Birthstone Gifts

With October’s cooler nights and beautiful fall days, a new pair of birthstones come to town: opal and tourmaline. Lucky for those with October birthdays, these stones make for beautiful birthstone jewelry.

About Opal

Opal jewelry makes for the perfect gift because it is beautiful and has a shimmery iridescence. It is formed from silica-rich waters and goes beautifully with sterling silver or gold. It takes its name from the Sanskrit word Upala, which means precious stone. It has been known to signify amplification, hope, and purity.

Because opal is a softer, delicate mineral, it must be treated with care. No salt or pool water exposure is recommended, as it can turn the bright white opal cloudy and drab. Harsh chemicals like perfume and hairspray also don't play nice with opals, so put your opal on right before you head out the door! This is a reason you almost never see it used in everyday jewelry like an engagement ring or leave-in stud earrings.

That being said when you are looking for a special jewelry gift, opal makes for a very unique birthday gift.

Note: There's a lot of fake opal out in the sure to check the origin of your opal to make sure it's genuine.

Opal Necklaces from Original Hardware

This piece is from our 14k Collection and features an October Birthstone Pendant.

These opal earrings hang from 14k gold rings and swing from 14k yellow gold ear wires.


About Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that comes in a wide range of colors, including black, pink, green, purple, rainbow, watermelon, and yellow.

A widely mined stone–from India to Australia and beyond–tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese word ‘Turmali’, which translates to an unknown gemstone of mixed color. Tourmaline has been revered for its properties to protect and ground its wearer. 

We’ve created a special collection of designs featuring October Birthstone Jewelry, featuring these unique stones in birthstone necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. 

Enjoy these two little miracles of Mother Nature–just like those born in October! Shop Original Hardware's October Jewelry Collection.

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