Everything You Need to Know About Permanent Jewelry

When I was a teenager, my wrists were stacked with ragged and worn friendship bracelets that I exchanged with my friends. Once knotted, they could only come off if you cut them off, signifying a special bond.

Thankfully, my friendship bracelets of the 1980s have been replaced with a new, sleeker version: permanently welded jewelry made with 14k yellow gold chains and charms.

What is permanent jewelry?

The short answer is that permanent jewelry involves welding a delicate 14k gold chain (you can even add charms!) onto your wrist or ankle using a special welding process used by a trained, professional jeweler. The welder gives a pin-prick of direct light to permanently close the links on a chain—a quick process that takes only a few seconds and, with care, can last a lifetime. (Rest assured, the welding process is pain-free–you’ll feel nothing but joy!)

What are the benefits of permanent jewelry?

It’s a unique way to celebrate a bond

Welded bracelets and anklets have fast become a way to celebrate a special connection with a friend, a daughter, a mother, or a partner–just like the woven versions of my teenage past, but much more beautiful and lasting.

It provides the perfect fit

A permanent bracelet or anklet will provide you with a custom fit. There won't be any breaks or stretches over time since it's fitted specifically to your wrist or ankle and welded together. The 14k solid gold we use is incredibly strong, but you can remove your bracelet or anklet any time by visiting us to have it removed. Plus we have plenty of chain and charm options so you can find the look that fits your personality and unique style.

Permanent jewelry has fast become a symbol of the special connections with the people in our lives–girlfriends, moms, and sisters (by blood and by choice) who’ve stood by us through numerous hairstyles, fashion trends, as well as moments of sorrow and joy. Because this newest jewelry trend symbolizes the strong bonds we have with others, it’s also become a perfect way to commemorate a special moment in our lives, whether it’s a wedding, a long-awaited family reunion, or a baby shower.

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that after all that we’ve been through the past two years, celebrating the connections we have with ourselves and with others is more important than ever. It’s what we’re here to do: and honoring those special bonds is worthy of the modern-day amulets we wear around our wrists.

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