Dendritic Agate Jewelry

I am in awe of the beauty that Mother Nature creates—and our special collection of one-of-a-kind pieces featuring dendritic agates are at the top of our list. This gemstone happens to be one of the most unique gemstones we work with.

Over the past few months, my focus in the studio has been to craft this special  collection of handcrafted pieces that honored each and every one of these rare stones in my private gemstone collection.


Dendritic agate is an absolute stunner: The natural fern and branch-like inclusions inherent in these rare gemstones make each and every stone unique—each its own portrait of a natural seascape or forest.

Dendritic agate is a type of high-quality chalcedony from the agate stone family, joining Botswana agate, fire agate, and blue lace agate. While most dendritic agates have a milky tone, they can also appear translucent to opaque. The stone’s inclusions, called dendrites, are a mixture of manganese or iron oxide minerals that are trapped inside the gemstone when it’s formed creating a lightning ridge that paints the stone. While they aren't the rarest gemstone in the world each one is so unique from the next with variations in color and designs which is why they make for unique jewelry.


I have always been enamored with dendritic agate because it reminds me of the delicate needles on the pine trees in a Colorado forest. This collection brings alive the beauty of these stones by embellishing them the way I know how: with mixed metals, bronze embellishments, and gold tones to add contrast and warmth to the robust deep blue colors. The collection is complete with dendritic agate necklaces, rings, and pendants.


This special collection includes many pieces handcrafted in sterling silver and 14k gold fill accents, and I selected a few of my favorite stones to shine in 14k yellow gold.

As with all of the curated pieces made in my studio, each one is one-of-a-kind. I hope you love them as much as I loved making them!

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